The best Android games 2020


2020 may not have been the best year in general, but it did give a lot to people when it came to mobile games.  It's ironic because you play these games when people aren't at home, but these circumstances gave developers the time to create some of the best mobile games. And This list is going to consist of 10 of the best games of the year.

10 Chess

Chess is a game that's estimated to be around 1,400 years old. The concept of Chess is by no means new. But in 2020 A lot of developers have put in the effort to make the game more appealing to this generation. It could be fancy graphics or modes that assist in helping others to get better at Chess. There really isn't anyone developer who deserves the credit for making Chess, so all of them who made a game on the google play store deserve credit.

9 Teamfight tactics

Teamfight Tactics is one of the best strategy games available on PC. There are a plethora of options when it comes to which characters you want to use to win along with the teamwork that makes everything possible. You are not just working with your partner, but you also have to play against other pairs if you want to win the game. The graphics for mobile are very impressive and it's hard to find a mobile game with that level of detail.

8 Roblox

Roblox is one of the biggest cult classics when it comes to PC. For many, it's not about the graphics or even the mechanics. It's more about the camaraderie that's built when you play with other people. Those aspects of the game are why it has kept its popularity over the years. When it comes to the mobile version, it runs just fine. The framerate won't always be the most consistent, but you get to enjoy a lot of what made the experience good on Flash.

7 Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a MOBA where you control different characters on a map and carry out the best course of taking others out. There are a lot of different characters and strategies, however, there are even more maps that players can choose from. Characters are going to be really good on some maps and absolutely terrible on other maps. The aesthetic is playful which allows a lot of kids to be into it while also being accessible to older audiences. It came out of nowhere and over-delivered on the expectations people had.

6 Bloons TD 6

Bloons is one of the top tower defense games that you can play on mobile. There are a lot of great options when it comes to combat and you'll also have one of the best cartoon aesthetics when it comes to this game. There are many different maps that have a lot of variety when it comes to what you can do. There are many different monkeys that you get to choose from, leaving you with only your brain to decide what the best for each map.

5 Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt is one of the best racing game experiences that you could ask for on mobile. It's compatible with mobile gaming controllers so it feels more like a traditional gaming experience. There are a ton of cars that give the player a lot of different options when it comes to the kind of car they like the most. The game runs very well and the controls are very tight for a mobile game.

4Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

YuGiOh has been one of the most popular anime of all time for many people, but not as many people are into the game. The game is a high-level trading card game that thrives on building a strong deck to defeat your opponents. The appeal for fans to have a mobile version seems very obvious. In a mobile game. Now you get to play people from all across the world as well as earning the best cards through merit rather than just buying them in the real world. This game has also been very successful on PC, where the formula of YuGiOh was perfected.

3 Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends has been one of the top downloaded games on Google play for many reasons. For one, it's been a very impressive game for a person to have on their phone. There are a lot of complex lighting effects and graphics that people didn't even think were possible up until a few years ago. It also has a lot of content along with getting more updates as time goes on. It's simply a hard game to put down once you really get into it. There aren't many experiences on mobile that you get that's anywhere near as special as this game is.

2 Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been a breath of fresh air in the world of RPGs. There are very few mobile games that have worlds so vast and battle scenes so ambitions for a game you can fit in your pocket. There are a lot of different characters that all have their attributes of what they can do. There is also a really good anime aesthetic that feels very unique and is something that can stand on its own. If you're the kind of person who been asking for a game like this, Genshin Impact delivered all these.

1 Among Us

Among Us has been arguably the most popular game of this year with videos on YouTube regularly getting tens of millions of views. The game revolves around a crew of 10 people and 2 are imposters. The imposter needs to kill the other members and frame the killings on them. Then they have meetings where the imposters need to convince everyone that they are innocent or get voted off. The crewmates win if all the tasks are completed or the imposters are voted off. The imposters win if both are alive with two crewmates one is alive with one crewmate.

Final Words

Hopefully, some of the games you have played over 2020 are featured on the list. If you haven't this list will show you many options that will provide you with endless hours of joy. Comment down below if you have thoughts on these games or want to share your experiences of these games. Remember that using mobile gaming controllers are almost always going to be better than using the touch screen on your phone. You may find that your experience for a lot of games is much more desirable when using mobile gaming controllers.

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