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PS4 Wireless Controller DualShock 4, Gamepad Controller for Playstation 4 and Windows (Black)

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    Pinpoint Accuracy

    The ergonomic design of our TERIOS wireless controller for PS4 was specially designed to ensure perfect control and execution. Its analog sticks and trigger buttons provide pinpoint accuracy and comfort, with enhanced sensitivity that will help you maneuver the gaming remote. Besides, with unique Turbo feature, you can win faster than ever.

    Auto-Fire Turbo Button

    The turbo button on our PS4 wireless controller provides an unique advantage of auto-fire action. You just need to press the turbo button and click on the button you want to assign the auto-fire feature. Remember to always ensure that the controller is flashing light before pressing a button for the turbo action. After you assign a button turbo action, you only need to press and hold it once and it will repeat the action until you leave the button.

    Vibration Feature

    One of the features that make the gaming experience with our PS4 controller closer to reality is the vibration ability at key checkpoints in a game. If we take God of War as an example, whenever we hit an opponent with a heavy strike, the controller vibrates and makes us feel as if we have hit the opponent ourselves. It can foster a sense of more involvement and reality into the gameplay.

    Advanced Gaming Controls

    The key features of our PS4 gamepad is the ability to program and set advanced gaming controls for specific actions. You can program different buttons by pressing the share button along with the F1 OR F2 Keys (F1=L2 & F2=R2). In doing so, the controller will start flashing a light that indicates that you have entered the programming mode. Once you have entered the programming mode, simply click one of the Fn Keys (F1 or F2) and map the button you wanted initially. The button/action got successfully mapped to one of the Fn keys.
    wireless controller for PS4

    Share Button and Long Lasting Battery

    The coolest parts about this TERIOS controller for PS4 is that it has a center multitouch pad that extends your gaming possibilities as well as a share button that lets you live-stream your game without pausing your session. To top it all off, the wireless controller has an 12 hours autonomy and is USB chargeable.

    Product information:

    Package:TERIOS controller/USB cable/User's manual

    Working Platform:Compatible with PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim

    Connection: Bluetooth 4.2

    Battery Capacity: 800 mAh

    Size: 160 x 110 x 65mm




    The controller is sold by a third party and is not the original controller by Sony. PlayStation and PS4 is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc, please refer to the site of origin for more information.

    Customer Reviews

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    Well worth it

    Works better and lasts longer than the ps4 brand controllers

    The quality of this product is excellent

    The controller seems to be perfect, and its durability is very strong. And this controller is a little bigger than the ordinary PS4 controller, which is perfect for me. Battery life can also be used for a long time, very good. It's worth it. The first time I bought it, I was so satisfied

    YES to the controller

    Its better than the controller that came with the system and way cheaper than the ones "for" the system

    I have big hands so the fit was good

    Best substitute controller I have bought

    Great budget controller

    Great budget controller does everything the PlayStation brand controller does.