How to use TERIOS T6 / T12 for Android



Video Tutorial:

How to Play?

Step 1. Download the ShootingPlus V3 APP on Google Play

Step 2. Connect YourAndroid Mobile/Tablet

A. Open the Bluetooth on Android Device, click searching.

B. Press and hold HOME+A button simultaneously until LED1 flashes.

C. Find and select 'TERIOS Gampad T12' for Bluetooth pairing.

D. The LED1 light up after connected “TERIOS Gampad T12” Bluetooth.

How to Map Touchpoint on Your Android Device to Buttons on the Gamepad?

Please note:

  1. The HOME+UP/HOME+DOWN/HOME+LEFT/HOME+RIGHT are four basic preset modes.
  2. Select any of the modes to get basic preset, and move on to make key customization to suit your habits.

Step 1. Turn on the ShootingPlus V3 on the phone, there is an icon showing as V3.

Step 2. Enter the game; Tap V3 floating icon to begin key customization.

* Home+UP is the perfect preset mode to 'PUBG', however the default key positions may shift due to different revolutions from different devices, you should adjust the keys positions rightly to ensure the full functions on your gamepad.

How to reconnect?

The TERIOS Gamepad will automatically turn off if there is no operation over 5 minutes, press the HOME button until the LED1 flashes, and it will re-connect to the ShootingPlus V3.


    Q: How to reset?

    A: If your controller won't pair, won't respond, or is displaying a flashing light, you'll need to reset your controller. Use a small, unfolded paper-clip or small tools to push the button (the button is inside a tiny hole). Hold the button down for a few seconds and release.

    This will prompt the controller to resync, you'll have to re-connect your controller to the device.

    Q: Does T6/T12 support vibration feature?

    A: I'm afraid not. The TERIOS Android gamepad does not support vibration functionality.

    Q: Does it work with iOS system?

    A: No. Currently the T6/T12 is not compatible with iOS and MediaTek & Helios devices.

    Q: How to use turbo?

    A: First, press the button that needs the turbo function (for example the “A” button) and simultaneously press the Turbo button. At this moment, the A button will be enabled with the turbo function.

    Q: How to disable the turbo?

    A: First, press the button that has been setup with the turbo function (for example the “A” button) and then, press the Clear button. At this moment, the A button will be disabled with Turbo function.

    Q: How to connect to the PS3/PC?

    A: 1. Plug 2.4G dongle into the USB port of your PS3, Window PC

    2. Press and hold Home+Select button until the LED flashes.

    3. The LED indicator stays on once sucessfully connected.

    * The Pair mode is: L1+ HOME, once you pair it sucessfully, the indicator lights flash in LED1+LED2.